I have been chasing the Planning Enforcement Department to deal with the continuing issues over the Centurion Fields site which is also affecting residents in Holt Avenue and Gardens.

The current issues and the corresponding updates from Planning Enforcement are set out below:

Builder’s compound – “I can confirm that most of the builder’s compound including the containers have been removed from the site and there is only materials left which will be removed as they progress to complete the final touches.”

New Container – “I have visited the site and found that the container was placed on the highway. One of the builders advised me that this is because the main compound has been removed and will be in situ whilst they complete the finishing touches including works to the footpath and some internal works to a couple of the houses. I have emailed highways to find out if the road has been officially adopted and if so they will be responsible for getting the container removed.”

Perimeter fence/wall – “Barratts have informed me that they would like to submit a revised condition application to amend the landscaping plan ref Boundary and linear Open Space details and aim to submit this application by the week commencing 09/02/15. Once this has been received then we will be in a better position to decide on how to progress with the matter.”

I am very disappointed that these issues continue to rumble on without any conclusion in sight however I trust this keeps you up to date.