I have been in discussions with the Council for provision of more deterrent type signs in relation to dog fouling and littering. I have now secured an additional 12 signs for the Ward which will be placed in various locations. The locations will be as follows:

• Near the garages at the bottom of Holtdale Croft, Holt Park
• Opposite Ralph Thoresby school entrance, next to the zebra crossing, Holtdale Approach, Holt Park
• Holt Park Road at the bottom of the Asda car park, Holt Park
• Car Park opposite Adel St. John’s Church, Church Lane, Adel
• The ginnel from Mulberry Avenue to Sir George Martin Drive, Adel
• On the path next to the corner of the tennis courts, Heathfield Walk/Holt Rise/Farrar Lane, Holt Park
• Outside the village hall, Arthington Lane, Pool
• Junction of Chapel Hill Road/Lower Old Pool Bank
• Outside the Memorial Gardens, Main Street, Pool
• Wharfe Crescent, Pool
• In the middle of the ginnel that runs between Moseley Wood Gardens and Moseley Wood Walk, Cookridge
• Outside the Post Office, Green Lane (opposite Holy Trinity C of E Primary), Cookridge

The signs were purchased by the Ward Councillors using our Wellbeing funding.

The signs should be in position within the next few weeks.