The Council’s Highways Department have now provided me with results of the recent the speed survey and volume survey for Whinfield. The information is set out in the table below. The Highways Officer has commented as follows on this: 

“The results themselves give me no concerns, either over speed or the volume of traffic using the route. I would suggest that, if there are vehicles using Whinfield to avoid the Farrar Lane signals, the proportion is small and there are no measures that we would consider at this time towards dissuading those vehicles from doing that. To implement any measures such as traffic calming, one-way systems etc… would be disproportionate to the issue that is seen.” 

Period Time Volume 85th Percentile     (Max speed at which 85% of vehicles are travelling) at these times Mean Speed
Full 24 hrs 1103 27.9 mph 21.6 mph
Peak 8am 107 33.4 mph 25.2 mph
Peak 4pm 96 30.1 mph 23.4 mph

 If you would like to see the full set of data I can send this to you on request.