As you may be aware the Council took a number of speed surveys in February 2014 prior to the installation of the traffic calming on Adel Lane in association with the development at Bodington. As promised they have repeated the surveys during January 2015, 6 months after the traffic calming was installed in July/August 2014, to see whether it is having the desired effect and whether it has had any detrimental effect on increasing the volumes on surrounding roads. The results and the conclusions drawn by Highways are set out below. 

Road Name Before Volume After Volume Change in Volume (%)




Speed (mph)

After Average

Speed (mph)

Adel Lane          
Northbound 1917 1603 -16% 29.1 23.2
Southbound 1642 1327 -19% 29.7 24.1
St Helen’s Lane          
Eastbound 963 883 -8% 26.3 24.9
Westbound 822 737 -10% 23.9 23.3
Long Causeway          
Northbound 1864 1665 -11% 27.8 30.0
Southbound 2002 1820 -9% 28.2 29.6
Back Church Lane          
Eastbound 678 694 +2% 24.0 19.8
Westbound 702 639 -9% 22.9 21.2
Stair Foot Lane          
Eastbound 371 281 -24% 14.9 14.1
Westbound 370 284 -23% 13.9 13.4


Volume – The above results shows an overall reduction in traffic volume on all the roads in the order of 10-20%. This could indicate a positive that some commuting drivers have stayed on the surrounding main routes (Ring Road and Otley Road).

Speed –On St Helen’s Lane, Back Church Lane and Stair Foot Lane, the average speeds have all reduced. On Long Causeway, the northbound average speed has increased from 27.8mph to 30mph; however this is still within its 30mph speed limit.

The installed traffic calming features on Adel Lane have reduced the average speed from 29.4mph to 23.6mph, a significant reduction of 5.8mph and this can be shown dramatically with the change in volume in each speed band as shown below.

 The table below also shows that the main objective, to reduce the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit of 30mph on Adel Lane, has been achieved. 

  Average volume per day (All directions)
Adel Lane 20-25mph 25-30mph 30-35mph 35-40mph 40-45mph 45-50mph
Before 438 1463 1079 342 64 13
After 1456 757 153 27 5 2

 I am still awaiting survey data from Highways on Church Lane and also further information from the police on speeding issues in the area. As soon as information is made available I will let you know.