You may have heard recently as a result of a statutory visit from Leeds City Council’s Health and Safety Officers to complete a Health & Safety audit of the school building and grounds in December 2014, significant concerns were raised over the use of the school playground as a car park. These concerns led to a further inspection of the premises on Friday 30th January, attended by a number of people. As a result of this Adel Primary School are going to temporarily close their car park in the playground to parents.

Set out below is a précis of the latest information from the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors at the school:
“As stated previously, the school playground will close to all vehicles from Monday 23rd February 2015. We would ask that if at all possible you walk, park and walk, scooter or cycle to school to avoid congestion.

We are considering carefully what can be done to mitigate the effects of the closure for parents and the wider community.

A multi-agency meeting was held on Thursday 12th February at school to discuss the effects of the closure of the playground. Present were the Headteacher , Governors (the Chair, a parent and a non-parent), the Council’s Health and Safety officers , a Council Highways officer, Councillor Barry Anderson, a local police officer , one of the Council’s sustainable travel team and a parent involved in the crossing campaign.  Also present were the Chair of Adel Crag Community Association and the owner of Daisy Chain Nursery. The concerns of parents raised over the last week were discussed.

The outcomes of the meeting are:

• The parking places in the car park at the front of the school will be re-designated and signs put up.
• The spaces nearest the new fence are for the use of parents of children in Adel Primary Nursery and Reception only (this is limited to 11 spaces).
• There will be a trial drop off zone, starting at 8.45am, around the turning circle in the front car park. We would ask that only parents who really need to use this do so. This will reduce the congestion on Tile Lane. Cars dropping off children should remain on the left hand side of the turning circle road to enable Reception and Nursery cars to access the parking slots allocated to them. A red line will demarcate where the drop off zone starts and finishes. Cars should pull to a halt on the left hand side of the turning circle and allow children to exit from the left hand side of the car onto the pavement .Children should then make their way straight to their classroom. Please pull as far forward as possible on to the turning circle.
• The disabled slots will stay and are only to be used by people with blue disabled parking badges.
• Staff will park around the side of the school next to year 6; this area will be cordoned off.
• Parents dropping off at Best Childcare should park in the front car park as normal.

At the meeting, we asked the Highways Department what they could do to help. The school asked for the reinstatement of a crossing patrol person and new traffic calming measures on Sir George Martin Drive. The Highways Department are considering options and we will keep you informed of developments.

We also discussed alternative ways to travel to school and the Sustainable Travel Team proposed a number of exciting initiatives. We would like to ascertain from parents and children which of these initiatives they would be interested to participate in or help with. Please contact the school if you have any queries about these arrangements.”