The Council’s Highways Department have now provided me with further speed survey results in relation to a request from local residents for Church Lane to be monitored and as you know the police are also targeting speeding motorists in the area.  The latest information is set out in the table below. Highways have commented on this as follows:

“The speed survey data has now been fed back to me. As you can see, roughly 10% of vehicles are travelling above the enforceable speed limit, but the mean speed falls below the posted speed limit. This precludes us from implementing any formal measures on this basis alone and unless funding is forthcoming from other areas, I cannot offer anything further at this time. As the Police are aware of speeding concerns on I have copied them in for information.” 

Period Time Volume 85th Percentile     (Max speed at which 85% of vehicles are travelling) at these times Mean Speed
Full 24 hrs 3778 33.9 mph 28.4 mph
Peak 8am 368 34.13 mph 31.8 mph
Peak 4pm 332 34.9 mph 29 mph

As a result of the police being copied into the data they have commented as follows:

“I have received the data for Church Lane which recorded pretty much what I would expect, especially at peak times. Based on a mean speed it appears the average speed is below the actual limit. I shall continue to attend up there on earlies during rush hour as a visible presence. The speed survey is very accurate and a fair representation of what is occurring.”

If you would like a full set of the data provided to me I can send this to you on request.