I have received the information below from the Principal Planner, Planning Services. I would welcome any comments you may have.

“Dear Councillor,

Please note that the emails below. As part of the Bodington Hall redevelopment the Council will adopt the existing internal access road that serves the site from Otley Road. This access road needs to be brought up to adoptable standards before this can be accepted by the Council. As a result on the need to reconstruct the kerbs and footways of this internal section of road ¬†the construction could result in the removal of up to 11 TPO trees that are currently located on the side of the road (facing the playing fields) . This is worst case scenario and until the existing kerbs are removed from the road and we can visually inspect what type of foundations have been used in the existing access road construction we will not be able to be certain as to whether any or all the trees on the playing fields side of the access road might need to be removed. It is proposed to meet the developers, LCC highway engineers and the tree officers on site next week to carry out an inspection and after this I will be better placed to advise you of what tree removal is necessary. No trees will be removed until this investigation process has been conducted.”