You may be interested in the latest update I have received from Environmental Enforcement in respect of the Government Buildings demolition:

“Just a quick e-mail with an update and to advise that we have had further complaints of noise nuisance with regard to the Demolition of the Old Government Buildings on Otley Road. I have explained to the complainant of the discussions that have been taking place between our service and the demolition company and the site agents.

I myself have also had a conversation today with the site agent and we are informed that the estimated completion of the works will now be approximately 10 weeks. The agent will be distributing an advisory letter to residents in the vicinity of the site informing them of the revised time period.

I have also followed up the telephone conversation with the complainant with an e-mail regarding their current concerns in that the demolition works are too loud and I have explained that it is believed that the company is undertaking all reasonable precautions and best practicable means (BPM). BPM means that they have assessed the task to be undertaken and have had regard to all relevant guidance documents and they should be applying this criteria to the demolition. It has also been advised that if the company is not applying BPM then we will need to make further assessments and determine the most appropriate course of action. The complainant therefore needs to provide supporting evidence to the contrary.”

I trust this keeps you up to date with matters that may affect you.