In respect of the Planning Application for no. 2 Church Lane I have received the following update from the Planning Officer.

“I have now had the opportunity to visit the site and have received comments from the Highway Officer. I consider that there is certainly some potential to redevelop this site but the proposal for three relatively large detached dwellings is unacceptable. As you are aware, the site occupies a prominent position on the junction of Otley Road and Church Lane and it is important that the development responds to this. In addition, the site has limited depth, particularly where it tapers towards Church Lane and Otley Road has established building line and pattern of development. It is essential that the development responds to these constraints. The proposed layout does not do this. Of particular concern is plot 1 ‘Ingleton’. This property is contrived in both its design and its siting which results in a very awkward property which ‘breaks’ the established building line of Otley Road and does not respond to the generous front gardens of the properties on Church Lane. As a result the property will appear overly prominent and incongruous when viewed from Church Lane and Otley Road. The cramped nature of this property also compromises plots 1 and 2, limiting the space available between and around these properties and provides limited garden space for future occupants.

There are no fundamental highway objections to creating the addition driveways onto Otley Road. I have attached the highway comments for information.

I do consider that there is the potential to redevelop the site with two appropriately designed properties. If this is done sympathetically, responding to the architectural detailing and form of the adjacent properties, providing generous separation between property and appropriate landscaping to front, side and rear there is the opportunity to improve the appearance of this prominent site. It is my intention to discuss these concerns with applicant and look to progress to a scheme which can be supported by officers.

I will of course keep you informed of progress.”