You may have read some press comment about this recently. This is the latest update from the Council:

Position statement:  Ellar Ghyll HWSS and Resident Permit Scheme

After further discussion, Bradford Council have agreed in principle to a charging arrangement whereby they will pay for those disposal costs relating to the Ellar Ghyll site that would have been incurred if residents had used Bradford based household waste sites. Discussions will continue over the coming weeks to agree mechanisms to audit the level of usage at this site and for the financial reconciliation.

Importantly, Bradford residents visiting the site from 1st April, the planned commencement date for the Leeds Resident Permit scheme, will continue to be allowed access to this site. There will be on site monitoring of residents visiting the Ellar Ghyll site to inform the appropriate allocation of costs between the two authorities.

There are no changes to the agreed permit implementation at other sites across Leeds. Staff are currently being briefed ahead of tomorrow, and the service will also provide a stronger supervisory and management presence to ensure that site staff are supported with the required monitoring and to ensure that high levels of customer service are maintained.

 Kind regards

Chief Officer Waste Management

Leeds City Council