Lawnswood Columbarium

I recently received the information below:

“Cllr Anderson When we met at the end of February you enquired about the Lawnswood Columbarium and whether repair works had been undertaken to the building/structure. Apologies for the length of time it has taken me to provide the below, but hopefully it gives you the information you require. There was a roof project carried out in 2013 for £66,000.00. The works included: • Repair to the roof areas over the building, • Repair to one of the roof valley timber rafters • Lead flashing repair/replacement • pointing to coping stones • Cast Iron downpipes replacement • 36 glazing panes were replaced • Internal works to address horizontal cracking within the columbarium area All the above works were completed but as the building is quite big and there are other areas that still require attention as well as the access around the columbarium including low wall, steps, etc. A further survey of the building has been requested which should hopefully be undertaken within the next few weeks to assess the level of further works required.”