At the most recent meeting of the Adel Association the following issue was raised with me:

The speed of traffic going along Otley Road and the view that the 30mph signs outside of the Lawnswood Service Station aren’t visible and it would make greater sense to move the start of the 30mph to the end of the dual carriageway as you enter Adel.

Set out below is the response I have received from the Senior Engineer, Traffic:

“Firstly, I’ve discussed the proposed development [of the Lawnswood Service Station] with our Development Control colleagues and am told that although there is limited survey data on the database, there isn’t a lot of difference in traffic generation in the peak hours during the week, however, there are more visits on Saturday afternoons/at weekend.

I still believe the present speed limit terminal point to be appropriate, the location was agreed with the police as part of the Speed Limit Review process; the stretch of Otley Road between the garage and the dual carriageway does not have a 30 mph character, it has little or no development and in 10 years there have only been 2 slight accidents at the dual carriageway end, neither were speed related. 

I know we have spoken about this particular site before, you might recall it was one of those sites where we had to have tree lopping carried out to improve the sign conspicuity.   Given that there are still some concerns about forward visibility I will make arrangements for the sign plates to be increased from 600mmm to 750mm.

As far as painting speed limits on the carriageway is concerned; the present practice is to only lay 20 mph roundels in traffic calmed areas and zones, or other speeds where there is a village gateway arrangement such as Pool where the markings are painted on every approach to the village.  These markings are expensive and wear out very quickly on heavily traffic roads, so they can be [expensive to maintain].

I will try and get these signs changed as soon as possible.”