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Leeds City Council is a licensing authority under the Gambling Act 2005.  This means that the Council has the responsibility for gambling premises licences and various permits with respect to gambling activities in the area.

Under the Act, each licensing authority is required to develop, consult on and publish a statement of its licensing principles, and then review, revise and publish that policy every three years.  The council first adopted its Statement of Licensing Policy in 2007. 

The council is currently consulting up a new policy that will come into effect in January 2016.

We would like to hear from residents and organisations working in the Leeds area and any other interested parties. A copy of the draft policy can be found on our website at

The consultation period will run between 13th April and 28th June 2015.

Your comments should be made in writing and sent to:

If you do not have regular access to the internet we will be happy to send you a copy in the post.  Please call Entertainment Licensing on 0113 247 4095 to request a copy.

At the end of the consultation period, the council will undertake a review of the comments received.  We will produce a report which describes the responses received, and any changes that may be required as a consequence.   Although we intend to protect the personal information included in the responses we receive from individuals, the contents will be included in the report.  Please indicate if this is of concern to you, or if you would specifically like your details to be released.