I was approached by a resident yesterday who advised me of the following issue that had been brought to their attention:

“One of my elderly neighbours has received a number of calls this week from a company allegedly selling devices to attach to telephones to stop unsolicited calls (no, not a joke!). A payment of £89 was quoted and bank details requested. Thankfully the lady was savvy enough to say no but she has had more calls attempting to get her bank details.

Could you possibly circulate a warning about what appears to be another scam.”

In order to make sure I gave good advice to local residents I took this up with West Yorkshire Trading Standards who have now advised me as follows (unfortunately clicking on the links doesn’t work on each occasion so if you copy the link into your browser it should work):

“Generally speaking our advice is to never enter into contracts by phone or doorstep (especially unsolicited) unless 100% sure. Also any contracts that are entered into by distance means or off trade premises allows consumers a 14 day cancellation period so it’s vital to check the terms and conditions. Our SAFER project officer has given me some links where consumers can do their own research on the device (please see below).

“There are a number of different devices with call blocking technology listed on Argos here with differing price ranges:  +High&storeId=10151&catalogId=25051&langId=110&q=call+blocker&authToken

And similarly on Amazon:

We are using these units as part of a campaign we have running at the minute and people seem to be happy with the results so far. (Also available from Argos/Amazon on links above however if bought directly we have some 5% discount vouchers that I can pass on if needed) 

For people who may be extremely vulnerable to these types of calls there is a device called True Call, these are the most expensive so does depend how much someone wants to spend:

Any questions about the above links please get in touch.

To follow The SAFER Project on Facebook simply click this link and press like:  And to like your local Neighbourhood Policing teams page click:  and press like. As I said they are both regularly updated with info, advice and news to let you know what’s going on.”