Further to previous information I can advise that I have now received the following update from a site visit by the Council’s Environmental Health officers:

“Last week we met with representatives from the demolition company and the owner’s agent. Also present was an acoustic consultant. The current position is as follows:

• The majority of the work is now being undertaken below ground
• The work should now be completed in around 6 to 8 weeks. However this is dependent on site conditions and the weather
• The owner’s agent is considering acoustic options to reduce the noise being experienced by the residents. Any solutions would be subject to site conditions, practicalities and cost

Officers have today visited the area to assess the noise reaching the two main residential areas, The Meadows and Lawns Hall Close. Subjectively the noise is now considerably quieter than when the works were being undertaken above ground. However whilst at times there may be some vibration from the works, there is no practical method of preventing this reaching the local neighbourhood.

Concerns have been also been raised regarding dust escaping from the site onto neighbouring land. However at each visit to the area it has been noted that an operative was spraying the area being worked upon with water. This has ensured that any dust reaching homes and gardens has been kept to a minimum. Officers will continue to liaise with the residents and the contractor of the site until completion of the works.”

Since the update above I have now received the following:

“Thank you for your recent email regarding an update on the work at this site. We have spoken with the owner’s agent to obtain a view on the remaining works and timescales. He advises that the works should be complete by the end of this month. There is currently the basement floor slab and half of one side wall to break up and remove. Each of these are seven feet thick so are taking longer than originally anticipated.

Unfortunately one of the machines failed last week. Instead of the concrete being removed and broken within the excavation, the waste had to be taken to ground level and broken up. This regrettably caused more noise than usual. However I am advised that the machine is now repaired and the waste concrete is again being broken below ground level. Officers have noted that the noise levels have reduced considerably since the work has been ongoing at a lower level.

An acoustic consultant has provided advice with a view to the installation of a noise barrier between the works and the local residents homes. Unfortunately this isn’t an option due to the limited time period left, time needed to construct a barrier (around two weeks), cost (approximately £25,000) and insufficient safe and stable working space.

We have spoken to one of the residents within Lawns Hall Close and provided him with an update on the current position. This information will be passed onto other residents in the area.

I trust this information is of assistance to you.”