Gulleys & Culvert, Lower Old Pool Bank at Junction with Pool Bank New Road

I was recently asked by a number of local residents to investigate the following:

“A number of gullies are blocked again with sand and gravel due to water carrying this down the hill.”

This was taken up with the relevant department and they confirmed the following:

“I can confirm that your referral for gully cleansing took place 17.05.2015 the crew report that 4 gullies were cleansed and running.”

However the second gully (from the bottom) on Old Pool Bank was still blocked. So I took this up again with Street Cleansing and they have now commented as follows to the Highways Operations Manager:

“Our crew visited this morning. They have cleared out the gullies and the culvert. There is however a problem within the culvert – possibly a collapse. Can this be looked at from your end please?”

As soon as Highways have confirmed their proposed actions I will let you know.