The following information is provided by the Cookridge Residents Action Group (CRAG):

Here is a link to the petition – please can you sign it and pass it around? The  petition is designed to have relevance all across the country. There are many people who want to see brownfield site developed before the countryside and also affordable not executive housing.

Also, please can you  ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on the facebook posts?  It is better if there is a variety of respondents and commentators.

  • The link below is to the video, please take a few moments to view this and please consider circulating it as widely as possible

  • Thevideo links to CRAG website ( and to ‘Streets of Cookridge’ Facebook. 
  • There is a petition on ‘streets of cookridge’ Facebook which is in support of resistance to developing green sites, and not limited to CRAG objectives. Again, please consider signing the petition and circulating the link.”