I have recently been asked the following question:

“Does Leeds back the NGA recommendation to allow #summerborn children to start reception at CS Age?”

I received the response below:

“At present, it is worth noting that the Admissions Code allows for parents to request deferment, but that parents to not have the right to choose which year group their child is educated in. Therefore, as published in the Leeds City Council Admissions policy, we have developed a ‘deferment panel’ process to ensure that any request for a deferment is considered by a multiagency panel. This ensures that the long term impact of any decision is balanced against the child’s current needs. We welcome the news that the summerborn regulations will be further investigated and clarified in any future admissions code issued by the DfE and we will ensure that our policies are updated as required to reflect any changes, however we are confident that our current approach ensures that the best interests of the child are considered before any decision is made.”