I have received the information from the Transport Development Services. It is important that residents submit any comments they may have.

“I wish to bring to your attention proposed highway works that are required in association with planning permission (14/04270/OT) for residential development on land to rear of 92 to 174 Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge. It is necessary to widen a short section of existing carriageway at Moseley Wood Rise as a pre-commencement condition of development.

The site has outline planning permission for up to 130 dwellings served via Moseley Wood Rise with a pedestrian/cycle link to Cookridge Drive, a reserved matters application is anticipated in the near future. Taylor Wimpey have requested that other off-site highway works required by condition 39 of the approval should be progressed under a separate agreement to ensure that the widening of Moseley Wood Rise is achieved quickly in order to meet with the requirements of condition 32, which requires the works to Moseley Wood Rise to be implemented before the development commences. I will write to you on the proposed details of the other off site highway works in a separate email.

The proposed highway works are shown on drawing no ITM7279-GA-001 Rev A attached and comprise:

  •  Carriageway widening to 6m and alterations to footways including tie in with existing kerb radii, the existing turning head is to be retained.
  • Dropped kerbs for pedestrians crossing at the junction with Moseley Wood Gardens.
  • All associated Civil’s works including (inter alia) signs, lighting, road markings and drainage;
  • Any Statutory undertakers works resulting from the works resulting from the works described above

The developer has requested that the City Council enter an agreement under the provisions of Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 whereby the above works are carried out by the City Council at the developer’s cost. 

This letter is to inform you that once the above agreement is signed, detailed design will be progressed with a view to implementing the works in the near future.

I should be grateful to receive any comments that you wish to make on these proposals by 20th August 2015.”