i have been asked by the police to put this alert out.


I don’t know if you are aware of this incident but if you do get any questions or if you would like to put it on your website as a warning;

“Elderly complainant was in the Tesco express store, Green Lane, Cookridge on Wednesday 9th September between 16:45 – 17:15hrs when she has been at the checkout paying for her groceries she has noticed 2 Eastern Europeans males and a Eastern European female stood behind her whilst she is entering her card details into the card reader. 

The elderly complainant then gets into her car with her husband and drives to her home address.  When her husband pulls up on the drive at the home address a silver hatchback car pulls up outside and the same two Eastern European males and female got out of the silver hatchback and approached the complainant and her husband and put a map into their car asking for directions to the M1.  The complainant believes that she had her purse on her lap at this time and that the three suspects were trying to distract her.  Later that evening the complainant receives a phone call from the bank stating that her card had been used several times at an ASDA store.

It is believed that the three Eastern European suspects had seen the elderly complainant entering her PIN number into the card reader at the Tesco store and then followed her home then whilst distracting her with the road map asking for directions they have taken her card from her lap.”