I was recently asked the following question by a local resident:

“Trees have been pruned and FELLED on Church Lane, adjacent the last property on the DWH site. One of the trees had a trunk diameter in excess of 3 feet. Previous planted saplings have also been damaged. Can you please tell me who instigated this process, and how far is it likely to extend.”

I took this up with the Council’s Tree Officer who has replied as follows:

“I understand that the Arboricultural Officer inspected several trees and found several trees to be in a potentially dangerous condition and  a threat to the highway. In particular, there was a large ash that the owner had already been put on notice to deal with (by Parks and countryside).”

I then received a further response, from the Aboricultural Officer as follows:

“The ash tree that we instructed the owners to fell was dead & diseased, it posed a very high risk of collapsing into the highway.

The second tree was an over mature Oak, here the major trunk at approximately 10.m high was rotten all the way through its trunk, again this was in danger of collapse into the highway. We agreed with the owners appointed contractors that this need not be felled for safety, but could be retained if significantly reduced in size. I spoke with the contractor last week in an attempt to save as much as this tree as was safe to do so. I have not had the opportunity to see the tree yet but will do so this week.”