At a recent Street Surgery I was asked about the trees on St. Helens Lane where they have formed a canopy above the highway around the St. Helens Gardens area. The concern is darkness and the different light standard for drivers which I am advised has led to near misses in the area. I took this up with Forestry and they have responded as follows:

The Senior Arboricultural Officer replied as follows:

“Please see below the inspecting officer’s report for the trees along St Helens Lane.

I visited 12/08/15 a bright & sunny day. All the trees in the area appear to be within private properties, a drive-by in each direction along St Helens lane did not reveal any trees which appear to be in poor condition or hazardous at this time. We also drove in and out of St Helens Gardens; we did not encounter any blind spots caused by trees.

I agree that there were areas of heavy shade & bright sunlight whilst driving along the street; this is not an uncommon feature in many of the tree lined streets about the city. Given that the trees are in private ownership we have no powers to instruct owners of private trees to cut them back for shade. I do not consider the shade to be so great here that any remedial work is necessary even if the trees were within the Council’s control.”