I have received several updates on flood warnings from the Council in the last 24 hrs. I will keep you updated. Latest messages are below:

Several Flood warnings have now been issued:-

  • for the River Wharfe at Ilkley, and at Wetherby
  • the River Aire from Esholt, through Rodley, Newlay, Kirkstall , The Calls, Neptune St , Castley Lane through to Stourton and down as far as Allerton Ings/Barnsdale Road.

A659 Pool to Otley Rd closed by surface water flooding between Blue Barn/Marton mills near Pool and Stephen Smiths Garden Centre near Otley.

NB this is due to water running off the fields and not due to River flooding.

River channels very high but no reports of property flooding overnight.

River flood gauges are still rising and many are approaching the ‘Highest recent level’ line on the graph.

There has been a lull in the rainfall, but this is now expected to restart with greater intensity in the early hours of Saturday morning, and to continue with few interruptions into late morning. 

River levels are therefore now expected to return to the levels we have seen this evening, possibly even higher.

There is a much higher level of confidence in these forecasts, so we are acting accordingly.

Contact Centre had two reports of leaking roofs in Council owned properties overnight.

Reports just received that the River Aire has just burst its banks onto the riverside footpath by the Millennium Bridge in Leeds.

Also two reports from the Public that the River Wharfe has overtopped near Farnley Lane.