Please find below the updates I have received in the last 36 hrs. The Council’s IT system crashed due to the flooding so I have been unable to send anything out until now.

Sunday 27th @ 21:07

“Firstly, apologies for lack of updates today – major IT failure resulted in loss of email, system and internet access for several hours.

Latest weather / river level & alerts situation.

  • Severe flood warnings / Flood Warnings and Alerts remain in place for the River Aire
  • River Aire levels have reduced circa 0.5m (confidence in EA gauge telemetry remains low)
  • Levels expected to remain high but levelling out by 4pm Mon
  • River Wharfe has Flood Warnings and Alerts in place
  • Flood Alert in place for some local tributaries
  • Ings to the of East Leeds remain full
  • Potential impacts to river embankments on drawdown of flood water; unknown issues?
  • Latest rainfall (Sun pm) had minimal impacts on levels

Main issues presented today / developments

  • Collingham, flood defence breached, 20 properties affected; flood water unable to drain via release valve; pooled water to depth of 8ft x 300 sq ft); FRS unable to assist; with EA
  • Mickletown / Methley, emerging risk circa 17:00; potential evacuation of 600 properties; Army deployed to area to assist; Rest Centre identified, resources stood up; sandbag support requested with Wakefield (1000 pieces)
  • Linton Bridge closed following inspection
  • Bridge in Horsforth also felt unsafe but later opened
  • IT failure affecting systems, Comms etc. including ability to upload public advice / info
  • Slow reduction in areas of surface water flooding; limited access for effective cleansing
  • Additional road closures required; support from Wakefield to implement and resource
  • Barge containing concrete cut loose by youths on Aire, East St area; presented significant risk to bridges downstream if not secured; FRS secured with rope (thankfully)
  • Kirkstall Retail Park cleared and accessible; road from Willow Road to Leeds remains closed in both directions
  • Some city centre roads remain closed but expected to reopen in coming hours (subject to cleansing)
  • Public advice document produced; subsequent issue with upload to website due to amount of detail
  • Mini Leeds Silver Group with WY Police / EA colleagues
  • WY Gold attended; further Gold tomorrow 11:00 Mon – Neil Evans attending

Outstanding issues / future concerns

  • Weather report for Wednesday/Thursday; significant amount of rain forecast; will drop across whole catchment area – potential for significant impacts including rapid response catchments
  • Sustainability of RET staffing and resource for protracted incident
  • Consideration for attendance at multi-agency set-up
  • Public messaging, info and advice particularly to areas of known risk
  • Some issues overlooked due to volume of contacts and changing priorities – apologies for any omissions / call back failures

Keep updated via the usual channels of Met Office and Environment Agency websites.

Throughout today, the response from all LCC services and partner organisations has been very good; thank you to all who have contributed.

We are now closing the Emergency Control Centre; any further activations will be determined by the ongoing situation. Any request for RET support should be made via the recognised procedure.

 27 December 2015 08:46

“The river Aire peaked in Leeds city centre at around 04.00 this morning. Most of the Leeds gauges have ‘drowned out’ in so much as they are actually under the water. The level peaked at Crown Point at 2.95m and is currently at 2.65m.

The main problem on the road network is the junction of Kirkstall Rd / Bridge Street / Savins Mill Way. The road is closed and still under a considerable depth of water around the new shopping complex and cannot be reopened at present until water levels drop.

In addition to this we still have the following closures in place ;

  • Swinnow Road slip road off Stanningley By Pass
  • Wellington Street both directions from Evening Post to Northern Street
  • Northern Street
  • Neptune Street (although we have seen some movement in the water levels)
  • Viaduct Road from our salt compound – Kirkstall Road
  • Kirkstall Road both directions outbound from City Centre – Approx Burley Wood Mount
  • A64 slip westbound and Westgate slip both heading towards Wellington Street
  • Eastbound slip going down to Kirkstall Road

As the day progresses and the water flows downriver the area around Micklefield and the wash lands will become more of an area of concern.

The river levels on the River wharfe at Otley continue to fall

Sunday 27th at 00:10

Main issues- River level at Otley clearly dropping now:-

  • Linton bridge at Collingham- reports from local residents that the bridge has somehow ‘sunk’ – Building services will be called out once Police have confirmed which bridge it is, and whether they have any concerns.
  • In Leeds,  water levels are still creeping up now, but as the river has overtopped in a number of locations, the increased area of the water means that any increases in volume make a very small increase in depth.  Leedswatch are monitoring the river levels closely by CCTV and updating us regularly as to water level changes.

Environment Agency are now saying that the river will finally peak by around 3am rather than midnight.   –, but their best guess is about another 10cm of depth at Crown Point by 3am.

( Their computer models are a little shaky because the algorithms don’t accept that the water levels could be that high, and some of their river gauges have been overtopped and therefore aren’t working reliably! )

  • Arrangements are in hand in case we need to set up a rest centre.  UPDATE-  Police have done a door knocking exercise and have confirmed with local residents that if any of them are going to leave, they will make their own arrangements, so this shouldn’t be required now.
  • A number of power outages in Leeds 1,11,12 and Alwoodley. 

(Our source of information is the Northern Powergrid web site www.northernpowergrid.com or phone 0800-375675)

Kirkstall Road substation off Redcoates lane, 12000 properties power at risk –   Northern Powergrid engineers are en route.

Fire Service have offered to request Military aid if that will help protect the substation.  Waiting for an update from Northern Powergrid engineers.

Update – Strategic Coordination Group has agreed to request Military Assistance, to assist with protection of key electrical substations, and with the clean up on Sunday/Monday.

  • Hilton Doubletree has unilaterally decided to clear its patrons, who have all dispersed, and the bars under the Dark Arches have been cleared of patrons  by British Transport Police. Water levels are very close to overtopping onto the access bridge to the new Station entrance.
  • LCC Highways have exhausted all supplies of sandbags and signage.”