I have received confirmation that as a result of the pressure I have put on Highways they have agreed to fund the following Highways work:

Preventative Surface Treatment Schemes

The sections to be done are:

  • Holtdale Approach – whole length from the former Eyrie Public House junction with Otley Old Road round to the other junction with Otley Old Road.

The treatment to be done is Micro Asphalt.

Structural Treatment Schemes

The sections to be done are:

Holt Park Service Road from Holt Park Road to Holt Crescent. This will involve Kerb works, Footway works and Carriageway works.


Types of Treatment

There are two main categories of work with many treatments in each:

  1. Structural Maintenance is more extensive work carried out on roads and footways in the worst condition. This is the most expensive and disruptive type of maintenance that involves taking up and relaying surfaces to varying depths depending on the severity of deterioration.

Treatments include – Reconstruction, resurfacing, overlay, recycling.

  1. Preventative Maintenance is just as important for managing the road condition. It is carried out on roads and footways that are beginning to deteriorate or have minor defects. These treatments prolong the life of roads and footways, restore skid resistance, aid waterproofing and arrest their progression to needing structural maintenance.

Treatments include – Surface dressing, micro-asphalt, footway surface treatments.

 Preventative Maintenance Treatment Processes

 Surface Dressing – Any defects in the carriageway are repaired ahead of the treatment. The road is then sprayed with a hot bitumen binder. This softens the road and seals the existing road. A layer of new stone chippings will then be spread over it and rolled. Because the surface is soft the chippings will bed into the binder and the existing surface. This will continue over the next few weeks under the normal traffic action.

Micro Asphalt – Any defects in the carriageway are repaired ahead of the treatment. It is usually laid in two layers, the first layer to fill any defects and regulate out any dips in the surface. The second layer provides the new surface. Micro Asphalt is laid as an emulsion, a mixture of bitumen mixed with crushed stone. It is laid cold and stays liquid for about 20 minutes before it sets (hardens) at which point the road can be opened to traffic.

Footway Surface Treatment (Slurry seal) – This involves the laying a thin layer of bitumen mixed with crushed stone over the top of the existing footway to seal the surface and extend its life