I am now receiving periodic updates from the Highways Engineers in respect of various schemes and ideas that have come forward, throughout the Ward, as a result of residents’ concerns and which I have taken up with Highways. Please find these set out below, including additional comments from me, for your information

Completed Works

  •  SID devices erected within the Ward and more to be erected at locations to be agreed.
  •  New Road Pool Bank – cycle lane marking to reduce speeds and aid exit from adjacent properties.
  •  Old Pool Bank Lower – Improved “No HGV” signage
  •  Church Lane, Adel ‘Keep Clear’ boxes
  •  Hall Drive/ Staircase Lane, Bramhope – Give way stitch marking
  •  Adel Lane/ Long Causeway/ Smithy Mills Lane, Adel – Keep Clear text

 Ongoing Works

  1. Moseley Wood 20mph zone/ Green Lane Zebra/ Adel & Wharfedale Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

Section 278 Works associated with the proposed Taylor Wimpey development are to be undertaken to introduce a 20mph zone in the area as well as a humped zebra crossing on Green Lane outside Holy Trinity PS. There is an opportunity to introduce a TRO in the Ward. Preliminary monies have been received from the developer to undertake the detailed design of the zebra crossing and 20mph scheme, so that firm costs can be provided back to the developer. Traffic are awaiting the signing of the final Section 278 Agreement through Highways Board to commence the full scheme.

 This proposal is dependent upon the Planning Application (Reserved Matters) at Moseley Wood Bottom being approved.

2. Pool Bank New Road/ Pool Bank Court – Bus stop clearway, pedestrian crossing signs

Provision of bus stop clearway marking at the bus stop at this junction to make the presence of the stop more conspicuous to drivers as the flag is often lost in the resident’s hedgerow. Also to be implemented are warning signs on approach to the pedestrian crossing refuge, warning of pedestrians crossing. These works have been issued

3. Old Lane, Bramhope – Signage Review

Signage review to be undertaken shortly to determine what replacement signs are required along the route to replace those damaged/ removed. Also to be considered are additional 30mph roundels to reinforce the 30mph speed limit. Review was delayed due to traffic revenue budget being low at the latter end of the 2015/16 financial year but will shortly commence.

Current Issues

1 Pool-in-Wharfedale Parking concerns – Issues raised around the “Parks” estate with regards to erratic parking. It is anticipated that the areas of concern can be included within the Adel and Wharfedale TRO (Traffic Regulation Order).

2 Adel Primary School – Various parking and speeding concerns that have become more of an issue following the change in circumstance at Adel Primary School. Recent visits and observations at school times suggest small elements of parking restrictions should be implemented to ensure junction visibility.

3 Moseley Wood Approach/ Tinshill Road junction – Concerns raised about parking around this junction was restricting visibility into and out of the junction. Highways have agreed to implement lengths of double yellow lines and this will be incorporated into the Adel and Wharfedale TRO.

4 Old Pool Bank (Upper) Access Only Contravention – Concerns continue to be raised regarding the wilful contravening of the access only order on Old Pool Bank. Traffic have undertaken a survey which showed that at its highest peak, there were 70 vehicles an hour (1.16 a minute) using the road at a mean speed consummate with the posted speed limit. This does not justify any formal road closure as suggested by the residents in a recent survey and highways do not support such a move. Highways recently attended a meeting with Cllr B. Anderson and Pool Parish Council to discuss. It was mooted that the top section of Old Pool Bank Lower could be made one way to prevent one direction of rat running. Continue investigating.

5 St. Helens Lane/ New Adel Lane/ A660 – Pedestrian Crossing – Request received with regards to the substandard pedestrian island near to this junction and whether it could be improved to a better island or a full pedestrian crossing. The surveys showed that there is sufficient demand around the junction for formal pedestrian facilities. There are a number of complexities to consider, including the proximity of a facility to the crossroads, residential parking that takes place in the area that would be displaced as a result. The bus stop would require moving to accommodate the crossing and a new location would need to be determined with West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA). Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) have determined that the crossroads are not suitable for a full signalisation scheme, due to the expected delays on the A660 this would cause, along with the possibility that St. Helens Lane and New Adel Lane would become attractive to rat-running vehicles. Cllr Anderson presented the possibility of this scheme at an Adel Association  and subsequently requested that we put this on hold at present.

6 Pool-in-Wharfedale – Pedestrian crossings and 20mph scheme – Highways contacted by Pool Parish Council regarding the possibility of upgrading the zebra crossings on Arthington Lane and Main Street to full signalised crossings. Surveys to be undertaken to determine usage of the crossings and these are due to be undertaken early May. From there a full pedestrian crossing assessment will be undertaken once that data is returned. To explore the possibility of a 20mph scheme through the village and further detail will be provided when available.

7 Long Causeway – Speed concerns – Concern raised by local resident to speeding on Long Causeway. To arrange speed surveys to determine current situation. Further detail of response to be made available in future Ward Update.

8 Mavis Lane, Cookridge – Speed concerns and erratic parking at Post Office. Concern raised to Cllr Anderson regarding speed concerns on Mavis Lane. Mavis Lane will be included in the future 20mph scheme to be implemented around Green Lane etc… but would undertake speed survey to determine true nature of driver behaviour on Mavis Lane. To undertake observations over the coming weeks of parking around the Post Office, including on footways and will provide a firm response once the speed data has been returned.

9 East Causeway/ East Causeway Close – Parking at junction – Highways received complaint regarding parking around this junction and upon the footways. Site visits will be undertaken, but customer will be contacted to ask if specific times are worse and if photos could be sent, in event of us not witnessing issue on site.

10 Parking on verges – Tredgold Crescent/ Avenue – Complaint received regards this on behalf of local residents. Trees/ rocks were suggested by residents as a measure to prevent but trees could cause damage to any underlying statutory undertakers (utilities etc.) equipment through root spread and the Council does not permit rocks to be placed on the highway. Proposed birdsmouth fencing or timber bollards, but residents decided against these measures. Monitoring to continue and situation can be re-visited if exacerbated again in the future.

11 Cookridge Lane – Speeding traffic – Cllr B Anderson reported on behalf of a resident concerns regards speed of traffic along Cookridge Lane. Speed surveys to be undertaken to determine extent of issue and whether any further works are required. Update once surveys are returned.

I trust you might find this useful.