You will have noticed that the Adel War Memorial Association (AWMA) have been putting out cones during busy periods at the Club, most especially at weekends. The reason for this is that the visibility for cars exiting Holt Avenue has become compromised due to the number of cars parking half on the pavement, half on the road, on both sides of the exit on to Church Lane.

I had a meeting with some local residents from Centurion Fields along with the Chairman and Secretary of the Club to look at a potential solution and one of the ideas mentioned was to request that the Highways Department arrange for double yellow lines to be painted. The AWMA were in favour of this option as were the residents from Centurion Fields.

I asked the Highways Officers for their views on this potential solution and they advised as follows:

“Considering the attempts to resolve this situation in the past hasn’t proved entirely successful, judging by the comments from residents, we would support the provision of double yellows around the junction of Holt Avenue and Church Lane with a view to maintaining accessibility and visibility into and out of Holt Avenue. We can look to implement these along with the other measures in the ward upon the Moseley Wood development money being allocated to us, as previously discussed.”

To be clear, the link between the Moseley Wood development and this proposal is purely on the basis of the fact that a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) would need to be drawn up and the one that may come up soonest, is with the Moseley Wood potential development; TROs can be brigaded together for advertising purposes as the cost of advertising a TRO is quite substantial.

Before anything is taken forward I would like to hear from you, your views on the issue of double yellow lines at this location and whether you are finding difficulty getting in and out of the junction when cars are parked on the pavement to the left and right of the junction.