Please find details below, of a proposed upgrade of communications apparatus at the existing Arthington ATE, Arthington. Unfortunately I do not have any drawings at this point in time to forward to you.

“As you may know, the mobile operators are currently upgrading existing infrastructure and rolling out new infrastructure to increase the footprint of coverage across the UK.

In February 2015, the UK Culture Secretary Said Javid MP announced that agreement had been reached with the Mobile Operators to vary their licences from the current requirement to provide coverage over 90% of the UK population to 90% of the UK’s geographical area.  Provided below is an extract of the announcement posted on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s website  that summarises this agreement:

‘…Under the agreement – a first ever – all four of the mobile networks have collectively agreed to: £5bn investment programme to improve mobile infrastructure by 2017 – potentially creating jobs and a boost for the UK economy; guaranteed voice and text coverage from each operator across 90 per cent of the UK geographic area by 2017, halving the areas currently blighted by patchy coverage as a result of partial ‘not-spots’; full coverage from all four mobile operators will increase from 69 per cent to 85 per cent of geographic areas by 2017; and provide reliable signal strength for voice for each type of mobile service (whether 2G/3G/4G) – currently many consumers frequently lose signal or cannot get signal long enough to make a call’.

It is this which has lead CTIL (Vodafone and O2) to look to install apparatus at my client’s property as described in the attached letter. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated before the submission of any planning application/GPDO Prior Approval submission.”