I have received the following update in respect of the planning application for the cycle track at Bodington:

“Councillor Anderson,

Further to our earlier discussions in relation to this site Highways Officers are now happy that the information submitted in support of the application is sufficient to address the relevant highway matters. The one outstanding matter had been the lack of a mechanism to address potential overspill car parking on surrounding residential streets and in particular the neighbouring Bodington housing development. Highways officers are now happy that this can be addressed through two mechanisms as detailed below:

  •  The first mechanism would see the introduction of a TRO for waiting restrictions along the length of the access road from Otley road which is shared by the University and the neighbouring residential development to be controlled by way of a planning condition. This would be funded by the University and would need to be agreed prior to the holding of the first ‘major’ event at the site following the completion of the works.



  • The second mechanism would require the university to provide monies to fund further TROs on surrounding residential streets if within a 5 year period it becomes evident that the proposal is leading to parking problems. This would be controlled by way of a section 106 agreement which required the monies to be paid to the Council upfront. These monies would then be refunded to the University if no problems arose within the 5 year period.



We are currently working with the university in relation to the aforementioned s106 agreement and I would expect the agreement to be drafted within the next few weeks. Timeframes are particularly tight as the University are keen to begin redeveloping the site. I am aware that overspill parking on the new Bodington estate was a particular concern for yourself and therefore wanted to let you know that officers are broadly in agreement that the above approach is appropriate to address these matters.”