I received the following update from the Planning Manager, Children’s Services:

I would like to give you an update about primary school places in the Cookridge/Adel planning area.  We understand that the governing body of Iveson Primary School is proposing to permanently increase the Published Admission Number of the school from 45 to 60 children in reception with effect from September 2016.  A statutory process is not required for this proposal as the physical capacity of the school does not need to increase.  However, some internal remodelling work may be required were the expansion to go ahead.  The governing body has written to parents and other local schools to inform them about the proposal and to give an opportunity for interested parties to put their views forward.

The governing body at Iveson Primary School has also agreed to take an additional 15 children in to the current year 2 as a temporary (bulge) cohort.  Letters offering a place in year 2 at Iveson (Year 3 from September) are currently being sent out to a number of families in the area.

Please contact me if you require any further information or if you have any views on the proposal to permanently expand Iveson Primary School that you would like to be passed on to the governing body.  We understand that the governing body at Iveson is intending to make a decision on the proposal at a meeting on 14th July.