SURVEYS ON PRIVATE LAND – A65-Airport-A658 Link Road

I have been advised of the following by the Council’s Highways Projects Manager:

“Following our initial consultation, we are considering options for a possible new link road between the A65 and the A658 via the Airport. The current stage of work is development of an Outline Business Case, to determine if there is a viable scheme, which is deliverable, acceptable and value for money. To help inform the environmental impact assessment of the scheme, we need to undertake some environmental surveys on land which is within 250 metres of the route options. The results of the surveys will help to identify the potential impact of the scheme and contribute to the decision making process.

The surveys will require two people to enter some private land, to sample pond water, look at trees for bat roosting and look in ditches and the like for potential habitats for crayfish etc. The surveys will be relatively brief in duration and non-intrusive, and should not cause any damage or disruption. These surveys are planned for mid to late June.”