As Councillors we get regular updates on initiatives that are helping to reduce crime and increase community safety in the area. Community Speedwatch is one initiative that is about to be introduced into the area. This involves local communities and local people can volunteer to be part of the Community Speedwatch team. The local police constable and Inspector in my area are currently training one volunteer who will lead other volunteers and they will co-ordinate all the activity in the Outer North West area that is considered to be at the lower end of risk.

A training package, risk assessment and associated process have also been developed. All four of the police Ward officers in the Outer North West have been trained to use the Speed Indicator Device (SID or smiley face) and they can train other new volunteers.

It is hoped that over the next few months there will be a pool of trained volunteers to preform speed watch duties.

Councillors have also paid towards “Target Hardening” measures for residents in our areas. In my area this has resulted in 35 referrals of residents who have asked about crime safety measures they can have installed in their homes and this led to 26 people having financial help towards some work to be done to improve home security. In addition to this some residents also had help from the Care & Repair service in respect of measures to reduce trips and falls in their home and other repairs assistance.