I have recently been asked by a local resident if double yellow lines could be placed on Holt Crescent to stop vehicles parking there and obstructing the crossing point from the Holt Farms to the Asda car park.

I took this up with Highways and the Highways Engineer has advised as follows:

In passing I have noticed one vehicle parked over the crossing, which suggests that it does happen on a more frequent basis.

In terms of the solution, I am not in a position whereby I can recommend double yellow lines. The report containing the TRO elements for the ward is being presented at highways board today and as this road has not been specifically listed on that report, I cannot look to include it as a further measure.

I believe the appropriate way to proceed is to provide a keep clear bar marking over the crossing points, ensuring that we can keep these clear. Whilst we would normally suggest the obstructed party contacted the Police, I accept that school children are not going to do this and if we can help keep this crossing point clear for them with the provision of a bar marking that should assist. Finally, we can look to implement this within a matter of weeks, as opposed to months.

I trust this keeps you up to date with matters that may be of interest to you.