See update below on Paul’s Pond. The success of the bid in bullet point 3 is to be welcomed.


The latest update concerning the dam repairs at Paul’s Pond: –

  • The fish will be removed hopefully this week (w/c 25th July). I stress this is very much dependent on how the drawdown goes. If we go too fast, too much silt ends up in the false stream below the dam and will go on down to Marsh Beck which is not ideal. Nonetheless we have to drain down sufficiently to be able to catch the fish without the lilies acting as a refuge for them. Finally the amount we can draw down to is also dependent on the height of the outflow pipe which we still cannot see as it is hidden under the lilies. Please note we also hope to catch and transport the red eared terrapins to Tropical World. Swan mussels to be relocated to Golden Acre Lake and Cookridge Hall Golf Course ponds. Any White-clawed crayfish will go to Pudsey Beck where we have an ark site for this endangered species.
  • We are looking at the week commencing the 2nd August for the path closures to be implemented. Breary Marsh SSSI and Paul Pond’s Local Nature Reserve will be sealed off with notices at all access points. The notices are the standard 6 month temporary closure forms required under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Assuming all the works go according to our expectations then we will hopefully have the paths re-opened on the 14th October. It must be remembered these works are investigative with repair, so it is difficult to put a precise timescale on all the different elements. I shall also include a map and explanation for the closures with the notice, so visitors know why and can see the diversionary routes open to them.
  • We put in a bid for the works to the Strategic Investment Board and this has been successful. Thus the option of asking for s106 monies from your ward is not required and please accept my thanks for giving it consideration should the SIB bid not be successful or partly so.

Yours sincerely,

Country Parks Officer”