I’ve recently received a number of emails from local residents asking what has been happening at the site at 8 Farrar Lane in terms of tree removal etc. and in particular I was approached by a local resident to ask the following:

“Could you ask the Tree Preservation Officer (TPO) to come out and see what excavation works have been carried out close to the trunk of the TPO tree at 8 Farrar Lane – the ground seems to have been taken down in level quite close to the trunk.”

I took this up with the Tree Officer and asked him to visit as a matter of urgency. I then received the following update:

“I visited the site on Friday. The large Sycamore that I made subject to a TPO has been damaged although hopefully the situation can be retrieved.

Ground levels around the tree have been reduced by around 10 – 12 “, surface scraped throughout the RPA, removing surface and fibrous roots and then heavily compacted by the passage of heavy plant. I have advised the only person on site (Paul) to cease any activity in proximity to the tree and not to bring any plant or material anywhere near the tree (I advised on the distance to stay away). I suggested that he call the site owner and for him to make contact with the Case Officer ASAP. Following a cessation of activity, I suggested the following:

Commission of a tree report

Remediation programme – de compaction of the RPA

Installation of protective fencing and ground protection – a temporary protective fence would  be useful immediately before remediation (and was suggested to Paul)

Install/expose services in a tree friendly manner taking advice from arborist. There is a man hole close to the tree.

In addition, I noted extensive, recent tree and hedge removal and heavy pruning. Given that no trees were to be pruned/ removed, additional landscaping should be considered.”