I welcome the proposal for the Rosemont site to be secured for Older People’s Housing and it would be even better if they were able to prioritise it for local residents, but that has still to be discussed and agreed. By providing Older People’s Housing this meets the needs of both Bramhope and the north west of the city. Through developing Older People’s Housing it means that local residents can downsize and continue to live in the community they love and at the same time releasing larger family housing to meet those needs. It also means there is hopefully less pressure on the green belt sites that the council are putting forward for development purposes, for example part of the proposed Miller Homes planning application for Bramhope is on green belt.

It is good to note that the council have listened to the views of local residents and local Ward members in coming to this conclusion. I look forward to the site being sold as quickly as possible, the development being built out as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to local residents and the quality of life for those residents in the area that will diminish in the short term, being back to normal as quickly as possible.