Leeds City Council Highways have put forward proposals for a number of traffic calming measures in Bramhope, most particularly affecting Breary Lane and its offshoots but will include Manor Close. If you would like to see the exact map of the areas to be covered please email me at

Set out below is an extract from the text of an email sent to me by Highways.

“Leeds City Council is currently implementing a programme of 20mph schemes around the City. This is part of the Councils rolling programme of implementing 20mph zones in school and residential areas.  As part of that programme I am writing to make you aware and consult with you on a 20mph scheme proposed in the Bramhope area.

The proposal will be to reduce the speed limit to 20mph and introduce 20mph zone signing at the entrance to the scheme. We are proposing to introduce a traffic calming feature in the form of a flat topped road hump on Moor Road on approach to The Cross. This should assist in reducing driver speeds which in turn will aid those exiting Eastgate.

We are also proposing to introduce three flat topped road humps along Breary Lane to assist in maintaining low driver speeds. Two of the humps will be kerb to kerb road humps (one near the shops and one near Breary Rise) which will assist pedestrians, including children near the school, crossing Breary Lane. Footway works are also proposed in the location of the road hump near Breary Rise.