The Safer Leeds Plan for 2016/17 has just been published. Priorities for Safer Leeds this year are Anti-Social Behaviour, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Hate Crime, Offending Behaviours, serious Acquisitive crime and Vulnerable victims. Drugs, alcohol and Mental Health cut across all of these topics. Road Safety and Safer Travel is raised with Councillors by local residents as a concern that needs improvement and Safer Leeds has also pledged to work closely with the Council’s Highways Service in this respect.

To support the delivery of these priorities there will be three major approaches – Intelligence Led which means analysing information in a number of ways and not looking at data in isolation; Restorative Practice which means focusing on positive relationships with members of the community and getting people to take responsibility for their own behaviour; Outcome Based Accountability which is a way of taking action to improve outcomes for individuals, communities and organisations.

The overall desired outcome from this work is that people are safe in their homes, in the streets, and the places they go. Progress will be measured by Offending Rates, Public satisfaction and confidence and Core city comparisons as well as a range of other things such as the number of shop theft offences, public perceptions of Anti-Social Behaviour. There are 8 Core Cities for comparison, these are Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, Liverpool and Sheffield.