I have received the following update in respect of the work at Paul’s Pond from the Country Parks Officer:

“Concerning the works at Paul’s Pond. First and foremost the tree works are not complete as the last two trees  are coming out today (5/9). In addition there is still a number of felled tree trunks to be removed and the application of glyphosate on the upstream face tree stumps to prevent their regrowth. In the last 10 days: –

  • De-silting has taken place close to the dam wall
  • The outflow pipe has been cleared of silt and stone block debris
  • Tree stumps on the downstream face of the dam have been ground out
  • A new fore bay area is being constructed around the existing outflow pipe which is being extended and given two outlets

Works still to be done will involve: –

  • Excavating  the downstream face of the dam to find the source of the leak and plugging it.
  • Further desilting in the vicinity of the dam wall
  • Landscaping the downstream face of the dam
  • Restoration of the paths

All of this work requires the use of heavy plant that has been moving around Paul’s Pond and come through Breary Marsh from the A660 to reach the pond. In the light of the aforementioned situation, I strongly advise you do not come into the closed off area to inspect the works as requested by the signage. We have put this signage up to safeguard the public from potential accidents.”