I have received the information below which may be of interest to you:

“As you will be aware local authorities have a responsibility to review air quality against and put measures in place to reduce pollution to ensure that the national air quality objectives can be achieved. If a local authority finds any places where the objectives are not likely to be achieved, it must declare an Air Quality Management Area.

 The council monitors air quality at around 70 locations across Leeds specifically targeting busy roads with residential properties directly at the kerbside.   Main Street in Pool has been identified as having levels of pollution consistently above the national standard and should be declared as an Air Quality Management Area.


The consultation documents for residents are not quite finished.

The national objective for nitrogen dioxide is an annual mean concentration of 40 micro grammes per cubic metre (µg.m-3).

Recorded annual mean concentrations for Pool Main Street are;


2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
68 µg.m-3 65 µg.m-3 62 µg.m-3 60 µg.m-3 62 µg.m-3 52 µg.m-3

I trust this keeps you up to date with this issue.