See information below. In this area Breary Lane, Bramhope and The Crescent, Adel are to be the beneficiaries of this fund. I am aware there are a number of other streets that could equally have qualified however these are the ones that officers have allocated based on their inspections.

“Dear Councillor

In addition to other government grants for local road maintenance Leeds has been awarded £475,000 specifically for work leading to the prevention of potholes. This is a five year initiative and Leeds is likely to be awarded a similar sum each year for the next four years (five years in total).

This money is not for filling potholes which is already funded by routine maintenance monies.  It is expected to be used to prevent potholes forming in the first place. The fund is welcomed but is insufficient to make a significant difference to the condition of the network.

The money is ring-fenced to carriageways.

Sites for patching have been identified from a combination of the following:

  • Locations with a high number of repeat pothole team visits.
  • Locations where the pothole teams have suggested further work required.
  • Locations subject to repeat liability claims.
  • Local knowledge of areas that are already poor surface and/or liable to pothole

The attached schedule lists those streets that have been selected to be repaired with this money.

The size of work required to tackle these areas are in the range of £2,000 to £12,000. An average cost of £7,000 per street.  65 locations have been selected for patching work.

This funding is required to be spent this financial year and one of the conditions required by the DfT is that a statement as to the use of the funding  shall be published on our website by 31 March 2017.”