I am often asked about hours of flying and what is allowed during the night at the airport. LBIA operates on a 24 hour basis and has done for some considerable time. There are operating restrictions during the night (defined as between 2300hrs and 0700hrs). Night time departures are only allowable for aircraft with quota counts (noise levels) of 0.5 or less.  However, aircraft are allowed to take off in an emergency and are exempt from quota counts for this purpose.  Night time landings are only allowed if the aircraft quota count is 1 or less. 

Delayed landings of aircraft over 1 quota count are allowed up to 0100hrs where the aircraft was scheduled to land between 0700 and 2300hrs and in an emergency they are exempt from quota counts.

The maximum number of night time aircraft movements should not exceed 1200 for each winter season (effective from winter 2001/02) and 2800 for each summer season (effective from summer 2002).

No training flights by scheduled or charter jet aircraft is allowed on Sundays, Bank Holidays or Christmas Days or between 1800hrs and 0700hrs any day. 

Actual aircraft noise is monitored by the airport and independently by the Council from a number of permanent and mobile monitoring points surrounding the airport.