I have received the information below from the Planning Officer, as soon as I have any further details I will post them here.

“A major pre-application enquiry has been submitted for 9 dwellings on the site of an existing sports pitch, and for the re-location of the existing sports pitch,  on land off Pool Road, Otley.  The enquiry has been submitted on behalf of Weidman Whitely Ltd.

It is stated in the information submitted in support of the proposal that the development is required in order to obtain funds to put back into the existing business so that it gets the financial investment it needs.

The site lies within an area designated as green belt and the existing sports pitch is a protected playing pitch. 

The development of this site raises a number of issues including (in no particular order) highway safety, protection of existing trees, green belt designation, impact on protected playing pitch / sports provision, character and residential amenity. Consultations have been sent to colleagues in Contaminated Land, Highways, Drainage and Local Plans.”