Please find below an update on a new bus service that I have been pressing for on behalf of local residents.

Councillor Anderson

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We needed to understand if there were any changes to school travel patterns at the start of the new term.

My colleagues have analysed  postcode data and identified that around 15 children would benefit  from a school bus link to Ralph Thoresby via Long Causeway and Adel Lane.

We will, therefore, reroute Service L57 (Having dropped children at Lawnswood School)  to operate via Spen Lane, Ring Road, Long Causeway, Sir George Martin Drive, Adel turning circle, Sir George Martin Drive, St Helen’s Lane, Adel Lane, Church Lane, Otley Road, Holt Lane and  Holt Road, setting down at Holt Park Centre. To be on the safe side, we will operate the journey five minutes earlier throughout. The bus will depart Long Causeway/Ring Road  at 0815 and set down at Holt Park at 0830 for an 0840 start.

There is currently no equivalent afternoon service as the L57 starts from Lawnswood School. School finish times means that it is not possible to replicate the morning arrangement. We will, therefore, introduce an additional L57 journey. This will depart from Holt Park at 1500 and operate via the reverse of the above to the bottom of Long Causeway where it will terminate. This will link with a service operating for Cardinal Heenan school and so will be cost effective.

We will start this after the October half term break and review take up at the end of the autumn  term.

Colleagues will provide further information and will liaise with the school to make students aware of the changes.”