Further to previous information I have now received the update below. As requested Cllr. Caroline Anderson and I will be providing £200 from our MICE funding to help with the costs of the repair.


A while back you raised the state of the slabbering baby in Adel Wood and whether anything could be done to restore this feature. Working in conjunction with Sarah Neville from Heritage Construction Skills and James Barton from the Skill Mill (Leeds Youth Offending Service) we are looking at taking apart the existing structure and replacing the broken bowl (only half of it remains) with a more solid bowl. Part of this exercise will include looking at the source of the spring water and ensuring it goes through the baby’s mouth. In addition two short walls will be established either side and link above the bowl. The soil behind will be moved forward to cover and protect the rear of the slobbering baby to the height of the wall.

To effect this project we were wondering if you would be prepared to offer £200 of mice money to cover the purchase and transport of a stone that will be carved by Theresa, a stone mason’s apprentice. I stress some of this money may also be used to purchase the lime mortar to cement the stonework together. The initial explorative work, building of the wall and re-build of the slabbering baby will be done by James’s Skill Mill team as part of their training programme in construction skills.”