I have received the information below in relation to the Christmas and New Year refuse collections.

Arrangements for refuse and recycling collections at Christmas have now been finalised. Collections last year were really successful, so we will be adopting the same approach of pushing collections back by 1 or 2 days. This keeps things simple and makes it easier to communicate the message to residents:

If your normal bin day is… Your Christmas collection days and dates will be…
Monday Tuesday 27 December; Tuesday 3 January
Tuesday Wednesday 28 December; Wednesday 4 January
Wednesday Thursday 29 December; Thursday 5 January
Thursday Friday 30 December; Friday 6 January
Friday Saturday 31 December; Saturday 7 January
Saturday Monday 2 January; Sunday 8 January

You’ll be aware that mailing information out to residents can be exceptionally expensive and the cost of distribution has been prohibitive in previous years. However, this year we have made the decision to distribute a postcard (attached) to all households across Leeds using a new and very cost-effective supplier. This will promote the collection day changes and remind residents of what to put in their green bin. The postcards will begin to land on doorsteps from Thursday (17th November) this week. Your feedback on this approach after Christmas would be very welcome.

In the same way as last year, we will also distribute information to a range of community places and organisations including:

  • Council website homepage and a number of service-related pages
  • Internal staff communications
  • Press release, LCC Newsroom, and circulation to news desks
  • LCC Contact Centre phone messages
  • Social media, including sponsored targeted social media
  • Posters (which incorporate tear-off information pages carry the message to ‘take one for a neighbour’ and where relevant, leaflets/ flashcards) will be sent to: ● Localities ● housing offices ● parks noticeboards ● libraries, mobile libraries ● One Stop Centres ● community centres ● post offices ● town and parish councils ● neighbourhood networks ● leisure centres ● children’s centres ● resource centres and day centres ● community associations ● residents groups ● cultural and ethnic groups (attached to this email for information)
  • Email notification and self-print versions of poster and leaflets to: ● landlord associations and agents ● community websites (attached to this email for information)
  • Customer facing staff; including Locality Team officers, refuse collection crews and waste recycling advisors, will also be provided with leaflets to hand to residents if specifically asked.

I would appreciate it if you can also help us to help raise awareness with residents that bins will be emptied either 1 or 2 days later than normal, until 8 January and by asking people to:

  • Check their bin days at, download the Leeds Bins app or visit their Library/ One Stop Centre for more information