I recently received the following request from a local resident:

There is a footpath to the junction of Otley Road and Holt Lane, with a dropped curb at the T junction. But there is very often waiting traffic on Holt lane (with both roads being very busy) that makes it impossible to cross there. More often than not the solution is to drop back along Holt lane 10 or 15 metres and cross behind waiting traffic, away from busier Otley Road. But in order to cross here you need to cross the large grass verge. Which is often wet and muddy, and pedestrians are often not wearing appropriate footwear. I suggest this puts people off crossing here, and results in them crossing closer to the junction, in amongst the traffic and in a less safe way.

My proposal would be to have a small footpath to the kerb side a few metres back from the junction.

I am certainly am not against the green verges, which I highly value. I would only like to see a small path and maybe a dropped curb, in the interest of safety”

I took this up with the Highways Engineer and he has advised as follows:

“I’ve had a chat with the [Accessibility Officer]. They have the funds to do this, but not the space within the programme. So to avoid any undue delays I will include it within my Holt Park 20mph scheme and they will transfer the funding to me accordingly. Therefore, depending on objections to the forthcoming advertisement, that should be constructed at some point around February/ March when the traffic calming is also due to be implemented.”