I refer to the above and would confirm that I have just been advised of the following planning application:

Number:       16/06960/OT

Site:               Land off Chapel Hill Road, Pool in Wharfedale

Proposal: Outline Application for residential development with new access roads and landscaping.

This is for 35 houses. No detail on size of houses or type just the total number (on the application form). Described as Land south of Church Close. Builder is given as Clough Hey Ltd. It is on the edge of the conservation area. It would access off Chapel Hill Road and then lie behind the back gardens of Church Close and behind the back gardens of nos. 5 to 15 Chapel Hill Road. There is a location plan in the suite of documents available on the Council’s planning website.

Details of the application may be viewed at the web site below, or by accessing IT facilities in the library at Otley, or at the Leonardo Building, address below. Alternatively, you can go to the website address below and then insert the application number 16/06960 and press “search” and the information above should come up. You can then click on the associated documents if you wish to see what the documents are and you can look at all the individual documents.

If you would like to submit a comment about this new proposal please use one of the following methods:

Please quote the planning reference number, noted above, with your comments. The closing date for comments is Friday 16th December but Planning will accept comments after this date if circumstances prohibit you from submitting your comments by the due date.