You may or may not know that all developers of new housebuilding (more than 10 houses) have to provide the Council with what is known as Section 106 money. This is money taken and used for projects within the local area and the city, most commonly any necessary road repairs or upgrades or for education purposes etc. When Supertram/NGT was proposed developers were asked for a contribution to be paid towards the cost of this. The question has now been asked what is the Council doing with this money now that NGT has been cancelled.

The Council have argued that as the money is paid under a standard agreement which states “towards the provision of and or improvements to public transport or other related environmental improvements within the vicinity of the Development or elsewhere..” that this allows them absolute discretion to decide what to do with it.

The important thing is that the Council is currently in consultation on Transport in Leeds through something called “The Big Conversation” and asking how best to spend the £173.5m which had been earmarked for NGT. The final analysis of the responses will help to decide how this money, plus the amount raised under the S106 money will be spent..