I mentioned trying to get a policy on grass verges. I have had some success with getting a verge made good after damage. I was recently contacted by a local resident who asked for help to resolve an issue with a contractor parking on the grass verge and causing some damage. I took this up with the Council’s Environmental Enforcement team who visited the site but decided the damage was minimal. I then asked them why they could not write to the company; at least it would put down a “marker” and if they choose to reinstate the verge then that is good. I was also concerned that our Grounds Maintenance teams had to try and maintain verges that were churned up and driven over. I also wanted to make sure that contractors were aware so that these actions are not repeated throughout the city. There may not be any legal recourse but I felt a letter from Enforcement would send a message that they need to be more careful in the future.

I then received a reply from the Environmental Action Officer to advise they had written to the company concerned. The company agreed to make good the damage.

It is pleasing to note that this achieved a positive outcome and it would be really useful if you could let me know of any instances you are able to get details of so that we can continue to keep the verges in the area in good condition.